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Top 10 restaurants in the world


Top 10 restaurants in the world

Food and humans, two of the inseparable entities in the world. The craving for food is something that been unaltered ever since the beginning of evolution. When it comes to food  restaurants, play a very important role. Restaurants have always been one the common most business for many decades.  Even though we cannot zero down to the perfect number of restaurants in the world, we can definitely list out the best among those.

Here are the top 10 restaurants in the world


Located in the city of Chicago, Alinea has found its place in some of the best restaurants in the world. The restaurant which has a varied cuisine in its menu has never failed to impress its customers with its amazing recipes


When we hear the name Spain there are a lot of things that might pop up in your, of course, football would be the predominant one. But Azurmendi in Spain is one more thing that makes it a better place. ith one of the amazing ambience and awesome food Azurmendi will definitely treat your taste buds.

Eleven Madison Park

Situated in New York, one the busiest cities in the world. The restaurant is known for its offbeat recipes and one of the best ambiences in the world. Being constantly ranked among the best, the Eleven Madison Park is one thing that you cannot afford to miss in New York.

Eleven Madison Park

Per Se

Another awesome restaurant the located in  New York. Known for some in special delicacies and rich flavours. If you are a food lover and if you are someone who would devour it Perse is the place where you need to be.

Osteria Francescana

Located in the beautiful city of Modena, this is undoubtedly the place where your experience the authentic Italian cuisine. It definitely places that will make you release that Italian is a lot more than pizzas and pasta.

Robuchon Au Dome

Might be a bit hard for that name to come out of your mouth properly, but the  exquisite food that this place offers is something out of the world. Known for the royalty in its ambience and bring the best from the Chinese cuisine, this place will definitely give the experience of a lifetime.

The Restaurant at Meadowood

Located at St.Helena in the United States of America, the restaurant is known for its classy ambience and some amazing dishes. The menu which offers a wide range of dishes from various cuisines  is one thing that stands out.

Le Bernardin

Guess the apatite of the people of New York is something that would stand apart from the rest of the crowd. One more the city of New York that is constantly listed among the best.

Restaurant De I Hotel

Located in one of the most awesome countries in the world, which attracts tourists in large numbers. This name Restaurant De I Hotel is one this that often pops up in the must do things in Switzerland.

The Fat Duck

Might be a funny name, but of best-ranked restaurants not only in the UK but also in the world. Based out of the UK this restaurant is known for coming up some of the best delicacies in the world. If you are touring around the UK, never miss to catch The Fat Duck

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